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 Xaniquia, Zanyatta, Liilana Ganobo

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PostSubject: Xaniquia, Zanyatta, Liilana Ganobo   Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:46 pm

Xaniquia is the eldest of the sisters, followed by Zanyatta as the middle child and Liilana as the absolute youngest. Most people know them as The Void Witches, a title given to them due to their being from The Unknown Dimensions (*1)

They're rumored to be powerful, being able to take on different forms like that of Dragons, Snakes, Horses, ETC. All witnesses to these events are sketchy at best, but they say these forms only have the basic shape and features of the beasts they try to portray. The witnesses go on to claim that these forms have some sort of shadow emanating from their bodies with tendrils that lash out haphazardly and turn everything they touch into solid ice.

There are some solid documentations of them existing, so their presence is a reality and a danger. There is also one picture of these sisters on file, which later spread all over The Galactic Net(*2). While it is hard to make out what they look like, professional Alien Hunters(*3) have pointed out that The Void Witches are of The Eldritch Class under The Unknown Species Categories(*5)

It is well documented in Government records that citizens in cities and settlements they are near suffer from chronic nightmares and hallucinations. However, these are not directly linked to The Void Witches themselves, but rather an illusion they cast to fear monger the populace. With illusion magic in mind it is not known what they actually look like, making it difficult to capture them or determine their true Eldritch Levels.

Psychologically speaking, these three are suitably well mentally. To judge them harshly for their outside actions would be the equivalent of stating a Suman is mentally insane after they crush an insect. They act with in their own worlds laws, and do not automatically judge Asgardian Species with hostility. Instead, they enact very well established methods of Crowd Control.

How they operate is not necessarily illegal, due to The Outer Plains Law, making it difficult to apprehend them for any major crime. With this said, it should be noted that they hardly come within the inner ridges.

However, they should be monitored with care.


The Unknown Dimensions:
Asgardians are well aware they are not the only universe in existence, but do not know the name of these dimensions or what they hold. To be classified as a member of The Unknown Dimensions you have to be one of these few things: From an Alternate Timeline, from an Alternate Reality, from another Universe, etc.

It is not known how people leave their own worlds, but instead how they come through. The simple answer is this: Unknown Species go through some sort of rift, either through teleportation magic, portals, or blinks. When they try to go through these they open a Black Hole inside of Asgardia and occasionally fall through.

Registered Species who have entered through this method describe the process as extremely painful, like your soul is being ripped out of its body.

The Galactic Net:
Universal wide Internet.

Alien Hunters:
People who go through a registered Government to collect data on any and all unknown species.

The Unknown Species Categories:
A listing device used to classify all types of Unknown Species, it should be noted that any and all Native Asgardians can fall under these categories if they have committed a crime suitable to the power tiers, they are as follows...

The Eldritch Classes:

Eldritch Immortal:
The highest level an Unknown Species can be, to be classified as an Eldritch Immortal you need to be powerful beyond measure. Blatantly put, your true form needs to be what the common folk describe as "horrifying". You are an abomination residing inside Asgardia and will be hunted down mercilessly. You will not be captured, instead you will be totally annihilated by all races.

Eldritch Demi:
Your power is ALMOST over the limit, most people will try to kill you on sight. Powerful Asgardians will try to capture you and take your power.

Lesser Eldritch:
You are not god tier, but still a danger to society. People are afraid of you and your abilities. You won't be killed, however, instead they will ALWAYS try to capture you and tap into your physical energies as a resource.

Normal Classes:

Supernatural Tier:
You aren't normal in any world you visit, all you are is an enigma. As long as you don't make trouble you are safe.

Mythos Tier:
Magical Creatures, basically.

Harmless Tier:
CONGRATS! From here and up you can still become a citizen in Asgardia! You're pretty normal.

Runt Tier:
You're nothing but a rat in the eyes of Asgardians, you're not safe. You are a pest.

Insect Tier:
You're harmless, you'll become a pet or a slave.
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Xaniquia, Zanyatta, Liilana Ganobo
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